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3 ideas for perfect living room plants

Plants can not only transform the style of your living room but can also help you take better care of your health. Check out how to find the perfect match for your interior.

Why do I need plants in my living room?

The most obvious reason is that they serve as a fantastic decorative element. Well-chosen plants can completely transform an interior and make it stand out. That’s why it’s important to match them to the style of your home. Everything in your living room should be in complete harmony and fit perfectly together – furniture, paintings, posters, plants. Even the tissue box should blend in well with the rest of the interior.

However, there are other reasons why you should have decorative plants in your living room. Here’s why you should have plants in your home:

they purify the air – because plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they improve air quality. What’s more, many plants have the ability to absorb air pollutants. This is very important especially in winter, when smog particles get into the house, but also, for example, if you live next to a busy street. Plants can then partly absorb the pollutants from traffic emissions.

they relax the mind – all major scientific studies prove that the presence of plants, whether in a park or in your home, is immensely relaxing. That’s why, in order to take better care of your mind, it’s worth placing plants in the rooms you spend the most time in. It’s a good idea to have at least green motifs in all the rooms, such as tissues in a cardboard box with a floral pattern. Such a clever trick will work effectively on your mind.

they humidify the air – this helps to keep the skin moist but also moistens the mucous membranes in the throat and nose. Well-moisturised membranes are more resistant to infections caused by viruses, for example, those that cause colds.

Which ornamental plants are best for your living room?

The best ones are, of course, those that take care of the air you breathe, but also look exceptionally stylish. Plus, they have simple shapes, which means they are easy to care for. Here are three of the trendiest ornamental plants that will work best in your living room:

1. Zamioculcas zamiifolia
It’s a potted plant with thickened leaves. Although its name may seem mysterious to you, when you see it, you will definitely find that this is not the first time you have seen it. It’s a very popular plant that can be found in many homes. Despite its complicated and difficult to pronounce name, this plant has a very minimalist appearance.

To which interiors does it fit best?

The ZZ plant will be a perfect addition to simple, minimalist, but also very modern interiors. In fact, you can put it in any living room. Because of its versatile look and easy care, you will often find it in offices and public buildings.

It is also an excellent plant for people who do not have much experience in caring for plants or do not want to devote too much time to it. Zamioculcas is highly resistant to drying out and, in order to grow healthily, its soil should be permeable, rich in humus and acidic (pH 5.5 – 6.5).

A bright sofa with lots of colourful cushions and a blanket – a presentation of Velvet facial tissues in a colourful box

2. Monstera Deliciosa – a potted plant for large interiors

It’s the most fashionable and Instagrammable plant of the past few years. A magnificent monstera can be found on the profiles of the most famous influencers, and you’ll also find it in most home décor magazines. It is also a popular motif used on the packaging of many products. For example, tissues in a cardboard box, such as Velvet facial tissues.

Monstera grows naturally in tropical forests, where it can be found trailing or climbing. When it grows in a pot, it seems a little out of control due to its large size. This ornamental plant should stand in partial shade, in a place that will not expose it to draughts. Monstera grows quite slowly and develops aerial roots which should not be cut off.

To which interiors does it fit best? If you like to be on-trend and live in a stylish interior, this is the right plant for you. Because of its exotic looks, it also brings a tropical vibe to your interior. So if you want to feel closer to nature in your home, this is the perfect choice for you.

Room with two armchairs (pink and green) against a wallpaper with a plant pattern – a presentation of Velvet facial tissues in a box with a plant motif

3. Areka Palm (Dypsis lutescens) – ornamental potted palm

If you love tropical vibes and want to bring them into your interior, opt for a palm tree. The Areca plant, which can easily reach your ceiling, will give you the ultimate tropical experience in your own home. The plant features feathery, arching fronds with elongated leaflets.

Areca tends to grow upwards rather than to the sides, so it does not need as much space as, for example, a monstera. But it certainly brings a breath of exotic jungle into your home. Areca is native to Madagascar and requires moist soil and humid air conditions.

To which interiors does it fit best? Both retro and modern. All spaces where you want to feel a tropical vibe. However, it’s quite a demanding plant. If it’s too dry, it can get sick, so it’s a good idea to frequently spray its leaves.

A modern grey sofa, an armchair and a potted plant – a presentation of Velvet facial tissues in a black & white box

It is worth remembering that tissues can not only be a functional element in your home but can also be the perfect decorative element for any interior.