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Clever ways to get rid of pet fur

Long, short, soft and a bit more coarse, inviting to stroking and cuddling – we love our pets’ fur! For this moment together, when we get to scratch our dog or cat behind the ear, we’re willing to sacrifice… so much time spent on cleaning :). So how to remove pet fur easily and creatively?

We propose a few interesting ideas worth to use while cleaning our pets’ fur.

Cute cat and pug dog with blankets on floor at home. Cozy winter

Lint rollers at the ready It’s a tool well-known to every animal lover, so there’s no need to introduce it. It allows to quickly change the look of every outfit that our pet has hugged to. Rollers may, however, finish up quite rapidly, when we decide to use them on a larger surface – furniture, for example. This is why it’s worth getting to know some clever alternatives!

Brush the fabric! If you happen to clean out fur regularly, reusable tools – such as special clothing brushes – may turn out to be more practical. They have a smooth velour finish that removes the hairs from clothes and upholstery. If you haven’t thought of such purchase yet, you may want to try something at hand – for example a silicone brush, used for combing animals, but also for cleaning fabric out of fur. You can dampen it for a better effect. See how these soft bristles do!


Many applications of rubber gloves Most of us have this helpful item at home. We use rubber gloves to protect our hands – while cleaning or washing dishes. Not everyone knows they’re also great for removing the fur of our four-legged friends. Such an inconspicuous glove can act like a fur magnet – all it takes is wetting it a little bit and moving your hand over the fabric you want to clean. You may have to repeat this procedure several times, but at the end, you just have to rinse the glove and the cleaning is done!

Window washer – not only for windows Do you use washers ending with a rubber strap, which drags liquids from the windows? You may be already guessing what alternative use such a washer can have… It cleans windows effectively, but it can handle fur just as well. Slightly dampened, without much pressure or effort, it removes fur from upholstery fabrics and carpets. It will certainly be useful on larger surfaces, because unfortunately it won’t be any good when it comes to your trousers.

Paper towel – a home essential Delicate fur often floats in the air and also settles slightly higher – on tables and countertops, for instance. The easiest method for cleaning the furniture is wiping it with a dampened paper towel. The long-lasting Velvet paper towel collects all the fibers and specks of dirt, leaving no paper traces behind. After wiping, the surface remains perfectly clean. The job is done!


And finally…  remember, it’s always better to prevent this kind of cleaning in the first place. Brushing your pets thoroughly, especially during the shedding season, can save us a lot of work! Plus, pets love this gentle brushing massage, and a happy pet goes hand in hand with a happy owner!