Discover our history

  • 1897


    Key decision

    The owner of the Klucze estate, Ludwik Mauve, starts building a paper factory with three partners. He adopts a simple but ambitious strategy: he decides to conquer the market with top quality products. We have continued in this spirit ever since – we have it on paper!

  • 1924


    International success

    The products from Klucze are awarded a gold medal at an exhibition in Paris. For several years now, they have been appreciated not only in Europe but also worldwide. They are famous for their high purity and neat finish, which is due to, among others, the craftsmanship of the outstanding paper maker Stanisław Jabłoński.

  • 1976


    Innovative tissue paper

    In this landmark year for the company, the production of specialised tissue paper, characterised by softness and delicacy, is launched, used to made toilet paper and tissues, among others. The machine imported for this purpose is considered to be the most modern device of its kind in the world.

  • 1996



    The main shareholder of the company becomes International Paper, a global tycoon in the paper industry. A period of intensive investments begins, which established the plant’s position as one of the most important paper suppliers on the Central European market.

  • 1997


    Soft like velvet

    On the 100th anniversary of the paper factory in Klucze, the Velvet brand was established, which is highly appreciated by Poles due to high quality tissues, followed by a whole range of other hygienic products. It ranks among the pioneers in this industry, previously dominated by non-branded products.

  • 2003


    New investments

    Kimberly-Clark Corporation invests in the factory. The international leader in the production of hygiene products implements innovative technologies and management style, and launches a modern quality laboratory. The plant makes products for 10 countries in the region.

  • 2013


    Velvet CARE

    Velvet CARE is established with Polish capital. The company remains a strategic partner of Kimberly-Clark as a distributor of its products. As a local company, which has gained the knowledge and experience of global corporations for 18 years, we are constantly developing the Velvet brand.

  • 2014


    Softness in its purest form

    The Velvet brand appears in a new and improved version. To ensure comfort of our customers, we have created products of even higher quality and greater softness. They are available in a new graphic design with a polar bear, symbolizing gentleness, purity and softness…

  • 2015


    Even more comfort and freshness

    The Velvet brand portfolio is enriched with new products! For our youngest customers, we created delicate wet wipes for children, designed for everyday skin care. Additionally, we supplemented our product range with soft cotton pads and buds.

  • 2016


    We are developing for you

    The factory gains new production capabilities thanks to investments in machinery. We enriched our range of paper towels and introduced new, innovative formats of tissues: tissue mini-packs and new shapes of universal tissues packaging. Even more softness and gentleness for you and your loved ones!

  • 2017


    We have something to celebrate!

    This year we celebrate twice. We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Velvet brand and the 120th anniversary of the construction of the paper factory in Klucze. The factory founded by Ludwik Mauve was the start of our story. Since then, we have been developing intensively and we do our best to provide our customers with the highest-quality products.

  • 2018


    Super moderní technologie v továrně v obci Klucze

    Uvádíme do provozu nový papírenský stroj, který patří k největším a nejmodernějším strojům provozovaným ve střední a východní Evropě. Díky našim hedvábným papírům získávají naše výrobky novou kvalitu.

  • 2020


    New challenges, new goals

    2020 was a challenging year for us. We had to face a new reality and we began to gather raw materials and finished products.


    Ecology is one of the key issues for us, which is why we have created Eco Agenda 2025, a map of goals and aspirations that we set for our organization in the upcoming years. Its leitmotif is „Achieve more with less”. This means that we constantly want to reach for more, because growth is one of our core values.


    In 2020, we implemented one of the key elements of our 5-year development plan, focusing on the Velvet CARE 2025 Strategy. We acquired 100% of shares of the Czech company Moracell. It is one of the largest producers of paper hygiene products with modern machinery and infrastructure, as well as a stable position on the Czech and Slovak markets.


    With our customers in mind, we have also introduced a new paper machine which ensures high quality of our products.