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#Revolution in hygiene

Discover moist toilet paper!Discover moist toilet paper!

The Dry hand in hand with the Wet!

Discover the paper freshness equation!


velvet In the toilet you always need a duo

About the product
  • Based on high-quality demineralised water
  • Enriched with active, cleansing and care ingredients
  • 97% water content
  • Over 98% composition of natural origin
  • 48 pieces in a package
  • 100% natural cellulose fibre non-woven fabric
  • 0% plastic
  • Biodegradable and flushable in the toilet

About the product

What is moist toilet paper?

Moist toilet paper is toilet paper for “wet” wiping. Soft sheets moistened with a gentle cosmetic formula will ensure full comfort of use and a unique effect. Thanks to this, they are a perfect complement to daily hygiene, ensuring 100% cleanliness and freshness after each use of the toilet. They can be flushed down the toilet just like the classic toilet paper in rolls. Discover the new hygiene standard!

Moist toilet paper is a perfect complement to the standard toilet paper in rolls!

Discover the paper duo

The new hygiene standard!

Discover the paper duo
Discover the paper duo

To be used together with dry paper!

Moist toilet paper is a perfect complement to the standard toilet paper in rolls.

Increase your comfort and hygiene!

Using both types of paper together ensures incomparably higher freshness, cleanliness and a sense of comfort.

Throw it into the toilet!

Wet toilet paper can be thrown into the toilet just like dry toilet paper in a roll.

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Intimate and toilet hygiene for women

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Camomile & Aloe Vera

care for the whole family

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gentleness for the demanding

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joy of hygiene for the youngest

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Why is it worth

using moist toilet paper?


Hygiene within your reach! Velvet moist toilet paper contains as much as 97% water in the cosmetic formula, providing an immediate feeling of cleanliness and refreshment of the intimate areas.


Sense the difference yourself! Natural non-woven fabric moistened with a cosmetic formula effectively cleanses and cares for intimate areas, complementing the action of classic paper. “Dry + wet” is a modern, proven standard of toilet hygiene!


Home and away! The handy packaging allows you to feel clean and fresh in any place and in any conditions. The used leaf can be discreetly thrown into the toilet!


For sensitive skin! The mild cosmetic formula contains over 98% of natural ingredients. The soft, plastic-free sheet is gentle in contact with intimate areas. The product has been dermatologically tested.


Like a quick shower! Just one sheet of moistened paper can refresh intimate parts, providing immediate relief and restoring a sense of physical and mental comfort!


Full satisfaction with hygiene! Velvet moist toilet paper helps you avoid the discomfort and embarrassment that may accompany a visit to the toilet. Feel confident and at ease in every situation, let nothing limit you!