Save Nature

At Velvet CARE we care about the environment. We take actions that bring specific benefits to our environment. “Save Nature” stands for ecological solutions used in our company.

Our current activities

As a market leader, we are the ones who demand the most from ourselves. We are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment, so we are constantly working to reduce this impact and improve our products and manufacturing methods, and use raw materials in a sustainable manner.

Velvet products are marked with the “Save Nature” mark, symbolising our commitment to the environment in five areas:

  • protection of forest resources,
  • recycling of packaging and raw materials,
  • efficient use of water in the production process,
  • reducing the amount of plastic used,
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The initiatives taken in these areas are an example of what a company can really do to protect the environment. We believe that they can inspire and encourage others to take action. Which is why we present our main accomplishments below.

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