Facial tissues

On the inside, the softness and gentleness of a 3-ply tissue, on the outside - a real heaven on earth! Discover the new Velvet tissues.

NEW, nature-friendly facial tissues

At Velvet Care we care about environment. That's why your favourite Velvet facial tissues - velvety soft - have been given new packaging. Just as convenient and very environmentally friendly! What have we changed?

We have reduced the height of a few boxes of wipes, so that more of them can fit into the collective box. This has allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions.

We have introduced windows without plastic inserts, thanks to which we managed to eliminate plastic. In addition, we have changed the shape of the windows so that tissues can be pulled out more easily without the foil.

The new packaging is 100% recyclable. We have replaced UV varnish, which covered the previous box, with dispersion varnish (water-soluble). Moreover, the boxes are made of recycled cardboard.

Our packaging is FSC® (C119667) certified.

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Facial tissues



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