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5 ideas for using Velvet Extra Long kitchen towel when barbecuing

Grill, ręczniki Velvet Extra Long - 5 pomysłów na wykorzystanie ręcznika Velvet Extra Long podczas grillowania

The barbecue season has finally started! Find out how to make the most of it with Velvet Extra Long kitchen towels!

For a perfect grilling experience, take care of everything from A to Z. Apart from good equipment, good quality food, take care of all the extras such as a paper towel, for example.

You don’t have to buy big, though. Our Velvet Extra Long Towel is a multi-purpose towel that can help you prepare food before, during and after a barbecue. See what you can use it for!

1. Use it to marinate fish or meat 

To make sure your pork neck, chicken, or fish tastes perfect, you should marinate it before grilling. The Velvet Extra Long kitchen towel is perfect for this task!

After washing the meat or poultry, gently pat it dry with our Velvet kitchen towel, cut it into pieces if necessary and rub in the marinade. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. During this time the meat will perfectly absorb all the spices and its taste after grilling will be exceptional!

2. To oil the grill

This is an extremely important part of grilling that will prevent the fish or meat from sticking to the grill. Before you start grilling, dip a leaf or two of Velvet Extra Long towel into the oil and carefully grease all metal parts. After grilling, your fish or chicken will be perfectly crispy and you’ll avoid burning them on the edges.

3. To clean up after the barbecue

We know, it’s the least enjoyable part of grilling. However, the Velvet Extra Long kitchen towel will turn this task into an extremely easy one. Thanks to its high absorbency and thickness, you can easily remove all stains, even the greasy ones.

This towel also removes dirt easily, without leaving smudges. So you don’t have to wipe down your grill or table a dozen times to restore their shine.

4. As napkins and to protect clothing

Velvet Extra Long kitchen towels are extremely absorbent, which means they are a perfect way to protect your clothes. Just place them under a paper plate on your lap to reduce the risk of getting your clothes dirty.

Because the Velvet towel is extremely absorbent, it will absorb grease and sauce stains with ease. To be safe, use two or three leaves if you have light-coloured clothing or fabrics that are difficult to remove stains from.

Our Velvet Extra Long Towel can also replace napkins. Its soft texture is very gentle to the skin, so you can easily wipe your mouth and hands during or after a meal.

5. To store leftovers from the barbecue

Thanks to our towel, they will stay fresh longer. Especially if you plan to freeze them. The towel will even be perfect for freezing bread.

Just wrap the bread in it, seal it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.

Wash chicken breasts or pork neck thoroughly before freezing, pat dry with a paper towel and store in special plastic bags or containers.

Why you should choose Velvet Extra Long paper towel?

Ręcznik papierowy Extra Long Velvet

Other reasons to use it when barbecuing:

Safe for use with food – this towel has been certified by the PZH (Polish National Institute of Public Health) as being safe for use with food.

This means that you can safely use it to dry or freeze food.

Extremely efficient – its roll is very long, which means you can use it both to prepare the grill, while barbecuing, and to clean up afterwards.

Quickly absorbs fat – which makes it ideal for the barbecue. That’s why you should use it both as a napkin, for preparing the barbecue and for cleaning the fat off the grill after the meal is over.

It is ultra-strong – it won’t tear when oiling the grill and is perfect as a napkin.

It is environmentally friendly – it is made from 100% cellulose.