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Nature is the most precious treasure – Velvet ECO Campaign.

The Earth is our home and nature is our most precious treasure – even the youngest children know this! Did you know that at Velvet we manufacture our products in a way that helps protect the environment?

Velvet ECO

We are launching a new Velvet ECO campaign to show you our everyday efforts to protect nature.

In line with the ECO Agenda 2025, all our activities are undertaken and performed with respect for the environment. Guided by this principle, we start with ourselves. We take steps that benefit the whole environment, and the “Save Nature” label symbolizes the ecological solutions we apply in our company.

We would like to encourage you to join us in taking care of the planet, because every action, even the smallest one, counts when the Earth’s well-being is at stake. Buying products from socially responsible companies is one way to contribute to a better future for nature.

From February 1, 2021, you can watch our new Velvet ECO spot – under the slogan „We act today with tomorrow in mind”. We believe that you are going to like the new Velvet ECO campaign and will enjoy watching it.

What are the things you can already change in your daily habits to protect nature? 🙂