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Velvet Turbo – a towel for special tasks

If there’s a lot going on at home, you know you’re going to need a Velvet Turbo towel. You couldn’t even count all of the applications you can find for it.

Imagine a great cooking session: sauce splashes on the wall, soup is boiling, flour is spilling. A 7-year-old assistant comes in. His mission is to pour milk into the pot and not to spill it. He fails. Is this still a house or a training ground? If it’s more like the latter, you need a kitchen weapon. A Velvet Turbo towel comes in.

It has the power and strength you couldn’t find among towel privates. Its Turbo absorbency brings salvation not only during all kinds of kitchen accidents, but also in everyday use, e.g. when draining fat from food or cooling bottles of beverages.

What about culinary experiments of young cooks? Velvet Turbo will once again prove indispensable, and in large quantities… luckily, such experiments can continue – the giga roll will last for many days and many shared meals. And above all, for a lot of cleaning up together.

You can use the absorbency and durability of the towel in every battle for home cleanliness: when cleaning windows, wiping furniture or feeding a fussy eater.

Velvet Turbo is a towel for special tasks. Such demanding tasks that you couldn’t start to describe them. Luckily with the giga roll, you can keep discovering its applications.