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Fun at home!

Difficult time of the pandemic doesn’t have to be overwhelming and boring. Quite the opposite – it’s worth to use these days creatively, in spite of everything. It’s really easy!

Closed kindergartens and schools don’t necessarily mean boredom in the four walls. Spend time with your kids not only on studying and reading school books, but also on creative activities and games. We guarantee that the ones we offer will positively impact the development of your children, and you will have fun as well.

Painting pebbles

Use your treasures in the form of pebbles or collect some on the way from a shop. In this activity they will replace sheets of paper. Paint funny faces, expressions and monsters with your kids – create your own, unique collection of extraordinary portraits.


Dinosaurs in the city

Paper-Mache or regular grey packaging paper (which we don’t need anymore), a few empty carton boxes, glue, scissors and some creativity. That’s all it takes to create a lovely dinosaur or a small mouse out of paper sheets and carton boxes, or to build a whole cardboard-paper city with houses painted in different colors. You will get a spectacular effect and a great start to further fun. See for yourselves!


Painted shadows

Place a few items or your favorite toys on a paper sheet and throw a beam of light on them to create impressive shadows. Encourage your little ones to outline the shadows falling on the sheet. This game teaches precision, patience and trains the imagination perfectly.  


Time for theatre

First steps in acting are best taken in your own room! Create original characters with your little ones. These puppets can be made of socks, decorated with funny accessories (buttons, ribbon), but they can also be sewn using leftover fabric scraps or they can be cardboard, for example made out of finished toilet paper tubes. We of course encourage the latter! Re-enact stories full of surprising plot twists.


Paper birds

What else can be made out of finished toilet paper tubes? For example a collection of colorful birds. Grab a brush and paint the roll in your favorite color. Then, glue or paint the feathers, tail and beak and give it an original name. Or maybe you can create a whole bird family together?


Velvetuś in a leading role

The ambassador of our brand, the teddy bear Velvetuś, is also encouraging you to have fun. Coloring books, games with water drops, searching for hygiene products among a dozen of items – these are just a part of what our tidy bear offers. Playing with Velvetuś is not only great fun, but also a large dose of knowledge about hygiene. Have a look at the “For children” tab and download the materials for playtime.