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A house full of inspiration

When the pandemic turns our lives upside down and locks us inside the four walls, it’s worth to search for creative ways of spending this unusual time. We offer you a few inspiring ideas.

Obviously – we’re also watching overdue TV shows and films, we’re catching up with the reading. But that’s not all. See how you can spend time at home in an interesting and productive way:

Learning foreign languages

It’s never too late for that. And it will always come in handy, even during the holidays. Learning a few words can be the beginning of a great linguistic adventure! All it takes is a few spare moments, a little bit of strong will and a choice of a favorite teaching method. Visualizing a foreign word using all the senses (5S method), weaving it into sentences while speaking your native language or drawing it on paper – these are only a few of the creative methods of assimilating to a foreign language. What other original types of mnemonics (i.e. a strategy making it easier to remember new material) do linguists propose? A great idea is to create a chain of associations – a short story made from newly learned words, ending in a visualization. Calligrams, i.e. new words noted down using suggestive images, are also helpful. So, an English word fall can be noted using falling letters and thunderstorm – using a lightning symbol.


Cooking from leftovers

Creativity in the kitchen is priceless. That is why we encourage you to cook in the spirit of zero waste, meaning that you make food out of leftovers or what so far has been thrown in the garbage. A perfect kitchen for difficult times and more. We offer you some simple, useful ideas:

  • Bread leftovers can be eaten as toasts, croutons in soup or they can be grated for breadcrumbs
  • Rice leftover from a meal can become a base for a new one: risotto or a salad
  • You can add the rest of a tomato to scrambled eggs, grate it and make pasta sauce or rub it in a slice of bread, drizzle it with oil and add salt (this is a typical Catalan food)
  • Yesterday’s potatoes will be perfect for dumplings or gnocchi
  • Egg whites are worthy to use for meringue, and you can make a sponge cake out of whisked eggs
  • From leftover groats, you can quickly fry delicious, vegetarian burgers or meatballs (only salt and pepper, some flour and an egg are needed)
  • Pieces of cooked or fried meat are well suited for stuffing in croquettes or pies, and fish leftovers – for a tasty, nutritious sandwich paste

The Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalism in your own wardrobe? Why not! Have a look at your clothes. Leave only those you like, wear and feel good in – the rest can be sold or given away. Create a base of your favorite primary and additional colors – this is a starting point for building a capsule wardrobe. And buy new clothes reasonably. Say a definite ‘no’ to another lilac dress!


Homemade cosmetics

There was never time for that. But for the beauty’s sake, it’s worth taking a moment. Take it one step further and, in addition to a relaxing bath, grant your body a handmade cosmetic. Apple cider vinegar tonic (Mix 100ml/3.4oz of cooled, boiled water with 50ml/1.7oz of apple cider vinegar and you’re done!), body scrub from coffee and oil or a hair mask from flaxseed are doing wonders. Your skin will thank you!



Wake up your inner child. Discover a simple way of cutting yourself off from everyday problems and… make your own scrapbook! Imagination and unlimited creativity are the most important here. And also all the pebbles, cuttings, fabric scraps, flower petals, shells, ribbons and similar treasures. Reach for scissors and glue – to decorate, personalize and have fun. In this creative way we can also decorate cards for Christmas, birthdays or weddings, as well as photo albums.