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Velvet Boost! – a new quality of paper towels!

A new product has just been added to the Velvet paper towel portfolio: Velvet Boost! paper towels.

What does distinguish this product benefits?

  • three absorbent layers – perfect for absorbing moisture and draining grease;
  • extra-large sheets – comfortable 150 large, wide sheets with elegant embossing and excellent absorbency provides economical use and lasts long.
  • durable – ideal for dry and wet cleaning.
  • tightly wrapped roll – slim and compact- fits in every kitchen;

Velvet Boost! paper towels come in the form of a slim, tightly wrapped GIGA roll with wide, extra-large sheets. It’s a well-made, durable and economical product. Each roll has 150 super sized sheets, which make it easy to thoroughly clean any surface and last for long. Thanks to three layers of ultra-absorbent tissue Velvet Boost! paper towels are effective for wiping up both dry and wet mess.

Like other Velvet brand products, Velvet Boost! is produced with respect for the environment. It is made with 100% cellulose derived entirely from renewable sources, confirmed by international responsible and sustainable forestry certifications.