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Velvet Tissues – a relief for a snotty soul

When the weather outside gets rainy and gloomy, and you start hearing the loud ‘atchoo!’ at home and work, it’s a sign that the common cold season has officially started.

Unfortunately, we need to accept the fact that the summer holidays have gone on a one-year leave. Again, the time has come when instead of soaking our feet in sea waves, we cover them in heaps of leaves, when we give up pretty sunglasses in exchange for large raincoats, and when the glasses of lemonade filled to the brim with ice are turned into steaming hot cups of raspberry tea. 

This is autumn itself – the whimsical time of the year, which we tend to greet with a loud… nose blowing

How can we prevent this? There’s no real way to deal with the flu! Usually, one sick person nearby is enough to successfully infect dozens of people who have been healthy so far. A seemingly harmless sneeze is in fact a mist of up to 100 thousand drops of discharge, containing dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen and foreign particles that can pose a real threat to our body! What’s more, the air escaping out of our lungs can travel at the speed of a hurricane, reaching up to 170 kilometers (105 miles) per hour! No wonder we aren’t able to escape the germs and colds.

Although the runny nose makes our lives difficult, frequent sneezing and blowing the nose is a defensive reaction of the body and allows to get rid of harmful substances from the airways. For the upcoming flu season, it’s worth to get the delicate Velvet tissues with the addition of balm, which not only restore comfort into our everyday lives and protect our loved ones from an infection, but above all, take care of the sensitive, irritable skin around the nose.


Velvet Balm is a durable, yet silky soft and smooth tissue available in two convenient formats that are always worth having at hand. Whether it’s a nightstand near the bed or a coffee table in the living room – there’s always room for a practical cardboard box containing 70 pieces of three-layered lotion wipes, protecting our skin from unsightly irritations. When leaving the house, however, it is worth to keep their equivalent in a pocket version, enriched with an additional, fourth layer of tissue paper, thanks to which the tissue is able to resist the strongest sneezes, ensuring comfort in the most unfavorable weather conditions.

In the fight against a persistent cold, it is also important to remember a few simple rules, which allow us to get rid of it effectively and quickly get back in shape. In order to treat and prevent further development of the infection, it is important to clean out your nose properly, by blowing one nostril at a time (never both at the same time!).

If the upper respiratory tract feels blocked, it is advisable to inhale essential oils or a chamomile infusion and put special drops into the nose to help unblock it and get rid of the discharge inside. To tighten and strengthen the weakened blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, it’s worth to use increased daily doses of vitamin C, which can be supplemented not only by specialized substances and flu drugs, but also by a properly composed diet!

In order to clear the airways and dilute the remaining discharge, we certainly shouldn’t be avoiding hot soups or freshly prepared dishes, still steaming on the plate. Of course, traditional common cold remedies of our grandmas are always reliable – large amounts of tea with raspberries and elderberry juice, as well as chopped parsley and garlic added to sandwiches, which are natural remedies with strong antibacterial properties.

For the time of an illness, you should also give up the use of, not very hygienic, reusable fabric handkerchiefs (even the most beautifully embroidered ones!) and start using disposable tissues, which will immediately go to the trash can after use and protect us from spreading microorganisms, attached to the surface of the tissue. We should all remember to wash our hands frequently as well, to prevent further reproduction and spread of bacteria.

So if we’re caught up in the flu, let’s go on a bold fight against the runny nose! With a supply of the Velvet Balm tissues we will survive the common cold season without a red nose! Because in autumn this color is reserved only for leaves that fall from the trees, covering the park alleys .