Frequently asked questions - Velvet

Where does cellulose for Velvet products come from?

Cellulose for Velvet products is derived from fully renewable forest resources covered by the international FSC® (C119667) and PEFC certificates for responsible and sustainable forest management. This means that we only use cellulose from certified and controlled sources.

Is the toilet paper environmentally friendly?

Where to dispose of used kitchen towels and tissues?

Dirty, used kitchen towels and tissues should be disposed of in a container with mixed waste

Is printed film from Velvet product packaging recyclable?

Yes, because coloured films can be reprocessed and used for products where transparency is not required – e.g. for bin bags.

Where should coloured Velvet cardboard packaging be disposed of?

Colourful boxes should be discarded with paper waste. The boxes are made of recycled cardboard, coated with water-based lacquer, making them recyclable.

How to segregate used Velvet biodegradable cotton buds?

BIO cotton buds, like other used hygiene products, should be disposed of in mixed waste containers. Importantly, Velvet buds have been changed from plastic to paper, which means that they undergo biodegradation faster.

Frequently asked questions - Other

Why crush plastic and cardboard packaging before throwing it in the bin?

Crushed plastic and cardboard packaging takes up less space in the bin and in waste transport.

Where should I throw away bulbs?

“Old-type” bulbs should be disposed of in mixed waste containers. Fluorescent lamps should be taken to a Selective Collection Point for Municipal Waste. You can also bring LED bulbs there or look for suitable containers for electronic waste at construction stores.

Do you have to wash dirty packaging before throwing it in the bin?

Dirty packaging does not need to be washed to avoid wasting water. Just empty it thoroughly of food leftovers. Sorted packaging is then washed at sorting plants.

Where should electrical and electronic equipment be disposed of?

Waste electrical, electronic and household appliances should be taken to the shop where you buy a new device. Broken or used equipment can be left there at a 1:1 ratio. Remember not to throw it into the household bin! It’s punishable, and above all, it’s not ecological!

Where should milk cartons be disposed of?

Used milk or juice boxes should be disposed of in the yellow plastic and metal bin, as this is multi-material waste.

Where do you throw away paper cups?

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