Velvet EcoROLL toilet paper

A new look at Velvet ecoROLL,

short eco-story about our product

At Velvet CARE, we take measures to create products with care for the natural environment. A great example of this is our Velvet ecoROLL toilet paper.

There is as much paper in 4 rolls of Velvet ecoROLL as in 8 rolls of the standard Velvet Soft White product.

In Velvet ecoROLL packaging we have reduced the amount of plastic by 28% compared to the standard product – Velvet Soft White 8 rolls.

Velvet ecoROLL products are very tightly wrapped and fill the pallet surface perfectly. Compared to our standard product – Velvet Soft White 8 rolls, their transport generates 36% less CO2 emissions.

In Velvet ecoROLL we use only 4 cardboard tubes and the packaging itself is also smaller than in the standard 8-roll Velvet Soft White. Therefore, with this product, we have 43% less waste.

We use only cellulose from certified and controlled forests to manufacture our Velvet ecoRoll.

The length of 4 rolls of Velvet Longest toilet paper is equivalent to 12 standard rolls of Velvet Soft White toilet paper +/-5%. All Ecostory information refers to the comparison of Velvet Longest toilet paper to standard Velvet Soft White 12-roll toilet paper.