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New challenges, new goals

2020 was a challenging year for us. We had to face a new reality and we began to gather raw materials and finished products.


Ecology is one of the key issues for us, which is why we have created Eco Agenda 2025, a map of goals and aspirations that we set for our organization in the upcoming years. Its leitmotif is „Achieve more with less”. This means that we constantly want to reach for more, because growth is one of our core values.


In 2020, we implemented one of the key elements of our 5-year development plan, focusing on the Velvet CARE 2025 Strategy. We acquired 100% of shares of the Czech company Moracell. It is one of the largest producers of paper hygiene products with modern machinery and infrastructure, as well as a stable position on the Czech and Slovak markets.


With our customers in mind, we have also introduced a new paper machine which ensures high quality of our products.