How to save water?

It may seem that water will always flow from the tap – just turn it on. Unfortunately, fresh water resources on Earth are shrinking as a result of climate change, which is why it is so important to use it carefully on a daily basis.

  • Turn off the water when washing

Washing your teeth, hands, soaping your body and hair in the shower does not require a stream of pouring water. Use it only for wetting yourself and rinsing.

  • Take a shower, not a bath

And when you shower, make it short.

  • Seal sanitary equipment

A leaking cistern wastes an enormous amount of water.

  • Put caps on the tap

An aerator, which is a special cap for the tap, reduces the amount of water in the stream.

  • Use a dishwasher

Modern equipment will wash more dishes with less water than your hands and a sponge.

  • Load it to the full

Both the washing machine and the dishwasher should be used with the maximum load. Make sure you use the optimal settings in terms of water and electricity consumption.

  • Don’t pour it out – use it

Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl and use the dirty water for watering your plants.

  • Collect rainwater

If you live in a single-family house, you can install a water storage tank collecting water from the gutter and use it for watering your lawn and garden.

  • Don’t play with water

Your child can learn to respect water from an early age if you show them that the water they may want to splash someone with as a joke gives us life.

Every litre saved matters. These little changes can benefit us all!