How to save electricity?

Small changes are enough to make us consume less electricity on a daily basis. These good practices will quickly become a habit. The planet and you will benefit from them – because who wouldn’t want to lower their electricity bills?

  • Use LED bulbs

They consume up to 10 times less energy than traditional light bulbs. They are more efficient – they don’t waste energy on heat production – and more durable, so you’ll buy far less of them than ordinary light bulbs in the course of your life.

  • Buy energy-efficient appliances

That means A, A+, A++ or A+++. The differences in power consumption between them and equipment with the successive letters of the alphabet are significant on an annual basis.

  • Use equipment reasonably

So be smart: don’t put warm food in the fridge, choose the right wash cycle for your laundry, cook on the hob under a lid and on less power, iron delicate fabrics after those that require a higher heat setting, heat only as much water as you need in the kettle.

  • Not using it? Turn off the power

An unused charger left in the socket or a TV in “stand by” mode consumes electricity, although it does not power anything. Pull out the plug, do not charge your phone all night long and turn off the standby mode in your printer or TV. Why do these little things matter? The less electricity we consume as a society, the less carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere, which is produced when electricity is made from fossil fuels.